What we do...

Storytelling is central to everything we do...

Our core services include TV, literary & public speaking representation, brand partnerships and TV & film rights negotiation. We love working with authors, experts and rights-holders with a passion for their subject, who want to communicate that knowledge and experience to the bigger, wider world.


We also work with likeminded brands, corporate organisations, charities and academic institutions who are keen to make storytelling central to their offering and messaging. If you are currently looking for an engaging and dynamic public speaker, spokesperson, ambassador, influencer or presenter, Wolfsong has an impressive portfolio of experts who can transform your event, campaign or content. 


Our key aim is to bring content and concepts to life, finding long-term creative & commercial opportunities for clients and the talent we represent.  We’re here to help navigate the commissioning and deal-making process and to provide support throughout production, launch and beyond.


Having worked directly within the broadcast content and publishing industries, we're in a fairly unique position of having an insider's view of both camps, giving us a strong sense of how ideas can be developed and adapted to suit different platforms and reach the biggest possible audience.

In terms of subjects that pique our interest, we have fairly eclectic tastes, but most definitely love adventure, nature, travel, sport, history, popular culture and real life accounts of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives.

Some of our recent collaborations